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Introduction and Welcome
Written by Wilma Zalabak, M.Div.   
Monday, 13 August 2012 14:58

So, you have chosen a specific book of the Bible through which to come into contact with the mind of God. Whatever the reason for your choice, I am thrilled to be asked to walk this walk with you. There is nothing I love more than God and the Word and witnessing someone else’s discoveries in God and the Word. Thank you.


We have so much wonderful journey ahead of us. Each of you will experience this book of the Bible in your own way through the Spirit, and I will experience it in my own way, and then we will come together and share and learn from each other’s experiences.


There may be other venues where "proving" the distinctions between "right" and "wrong" interpretations are required. We are not here to prove anything. It is my observation that love cannot be proved intellectually. Instead, proof leads to argument and tearing apart another’s position. Relationship leads to affirming, expanding, and building up the option presented by the other person.


Our unity lies in listening to each other, in being present with each other, in giving available eyes and focused attention. Our unity does not lie in thinking alike or in expressing ourselves in the same words and mannerisms.

When we come together, I hope you will be prepared to share something of your spiritual journey. Let us also be prepared to give each other the gift of listening with focused attention and available eyes, the gift that will connect us and nurture our joy.


Will you pray with me right now?


Dear God Most High, You are awesome in your invitation that we should come to You through Your Word. We praise You for preserving it for us along with the freedom to read it together. Please forgive us where we have neglected this opportunity for which You paid with Your life. Now please bless each person entering upon this study and let that blessing seep out to all those around her or him in this life. Please bless the intimacy that will be built because of these people sharing this study. Bless us with godly caring and ready communication. Bless us with spiritual insight and life direction. Most of all we crave the blessing of Your Holy Spirit through which to more and more fully know Your presence. Thank you. We lift Your name on high. Amen.

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