Discussion 1: Sevens

Discussion Questions on the Sevens of Daniel and Revelation

Click here for the chart.

Warm up:

1. What sevens have been meaningful to you? Age 7, age 77? Seventh day? Seven years? Seventh grade? Other?

2. Where are sevens used in today’s society? Week, phone numbers, . . . ?

3. How many times will you plan to read Revelation during this course?

Work up:

4. Can you find any other sevens in Daniel and Revelation? In the Bible?

5. What do you think the number seven might symbolize? What then might the number six symbolize?

6. What are the similarities and differences among the sixes of these sevens?

7. What is the center of seven, and what are the similarities and differences among the fours of these sevens?

Wrap up

8. Which of the promises to overcomers in the Seven Churches is most desirable to you? Why that one?