Discussion 3: Twos

Discussion Questions on the Parallel Scenes of Daniel and Revelation

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Warm up:

1. Did you have a twin or a cousin or someone else about your age whose life paralleled yours for some time? Do you still keep in touch? What were the differences? Similarities?

2. Has your town or church adopted a sister town or church in another country? What do you know about the differences or similarities of that other town or church with your own?

Work up:

3. I have listed similarities between scenes in Daniel and scenes in Revelation. Can you list some differences?

4. What are the books of Daniel and Revelation about (Daniel 2:28-29; Revelation 1:1,19)?

5. Which book was to be sealed up and which was not to be sealed (Daniel 12:4,9; Revelation 22:7,10)? Why?

6. What does it mean when God doubles a dream, tells it twice (Genesis 42:32)?

7. Calculate the verbal or column-inch physical center of Daniel and of Revelation. Where does it land in each?

Wrap up:

8. If you could choose one Bible or historical character with whose life yours would be parallel, which would it be?