Discussion 5: Reversal

Discussion Questions on Reversal in Daniel and Revelation

Click here for the chart.

Warm up:

1. What movie or book have you seen or read recently that has the reversal plot?

2. Whom would you like to see get reversal in the near future?

Work up:

3. By how far is your calculation of center by words or column inches different from the center shown here? How might you account for the difference?

4. Read 2 Chronicles 20 for a marvelous reversal story. Find the victim and the bully. Find the written record laid open, the prayer, and the prophet. What were the results?

5. Find all the “judge” or “judgment” words in Daniel and Revelation. Note their frequency in each section. Also notice where it is in 2 Chronicles 20.

Wrap up:

6. When have you known reversal in your life, from victim to victor or from bully to beaten? How did it affect you?

7. What piece of record or writing would you like to lay open before God right now for God’s intervention and reversal?