Genesis 1: God Created Boundaries

Darkness and water. Water and darkness everywhere. That's what was here for God to move upon in creation (Genesis 1:2).

The first thing God did was to make a contrast--light. And the next thing was to make a boundary. God divided the light from the darkness (Genesis 1:3-4).

Then God made air to put a boundary between various kinds of waters (Genesis 1:6-7).

Next God gathered the water together and let the dry land make a boundary on the water (Genesis 1:9). He shut the sea behind doors and said "This far you can come but not farther" (Job 38:8-11).

Later God made the sun and moon to divide the day from the night and the seasons from one another (Genesis 1:14).

It amazes me how clear the Bible story is about God knowing exactly what God wanted and communicating that effectively. This is the primordial foundation of my understanding of relationship boundaries. Follow on a bit more with me.

When God made plants, birds, fish, animals, and humans, the Bible says God explicitly stated that these should bring forth and multiply with offspring, each after its own kind (Genesis 1:12,21,24-25).

This appears to me to be another kind of boundary, one which extends past generations. Even the offspring would have boundaries so that a person doesn't plant wheat and expect apples. Nor do I expect my dog to give birth to snakes.

Boundaries allow expectations, stability, and productivity. Seems to me God created boundaries. Before boundaries only darkness and water were everywhere. After God made boundaries, there was goodness, beauty, and fruitfulness.

Next post I will look at how God protects boundaries.