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17 Quick Tips for Bible Reading
Written by Wilma Zalabak, M.Div.   
Thursday, 13 May 2010 14:22

For starters:
1. Pray about it.
2. Read and re-read.
3. Read aloud, alone, or with others.
4. Read outdoors.
5. Read on your knees.
6. Mark (A pen is the best aid to the eyes.):
  cluster several references by word, phrase, or idea
  chain reference
7. Organize and memorize
8. Look for:
  repeated words and phrases
  threes, sevens, tens, twelves
  interrelationships by theme or word
9. Make notes:
  paraphrase (rewrite in your own words)
  prepare short presentations
  keep a subject notebook


Additional suggestions:
10. Try a different translation.
11. Try listening to the Bible on CD.
12. Try an easier book first, like the Gospel of John.
13. Read Old and New Testaments alternatively.
14. Section it into stories and choose one story to read and re-read.
15. Use the concordance to read by subject.
16. Read Christian authors:
17. Share what you discovered! Use “I . . .,” not “You should . . .”

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